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Ruck looks for certain load and tow capacities for its fleet of contractor drivers. To safely operate as a Ruck driver, the driver and vehicle must meet the following conditions:

  1. Driver must have valid Driver's License, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance. These will be verified.

  2. Driver cannot have excessive criminal history or driving accident history. Ruck reserves the right to refuse to contract with anyone for any legally prudent reason.

  3. Driver must be able to lift a minimum weight of 50 lb. without issue. Sometimes items may exceed 50 lb. and driver is required to decline the order if the driver is unable to handle it safely.

  4. Driver must be willing and able to unload cargo if needed. While many loads are easily manageable, it is not uncommon for cargo to include large quantities of lumber, 4x8 plywood or drywall, 12-20 ft items, etc. Drivers are able to decline orders any time prior to claiming an order.

  5. Vehicles must be able to hold 8 ft. materials at a minimum without more than 3 feet overhang outside of the vehicle.

  6. Vehicles must be able to handle a minimum of 1500 lb. in weight/tow capacity. 


The current target compensation is the equivalent of about $29.50 per hour. Drivers are 1099 contractors and do not receive employee benefits. The following factors are calculated into the pay of the driver:

  • Base rate for truck and trailer orders. Orders that only require a pickup truck or equivalent have a smaller base payout fee than orders that require a trailer.

  • Mileage. The distance between the pickup location and drop-off location is used to calculate a per mile payout to the driver. This payout is to help cover the time and gas spent traveling to the drop-off location.

  • Loading/Unloading. Not all orders require the driver to handle the loading or unloading of the cargo. Most vendors will load the order into the vehicle. If the customer requires the cargo to be unloaded at the drop site by the driver, the driver will receive a payout fee based on the weight, dimensions, and quantity of cargo.

  • Tips. Tips are NOT required, and are not calculated into the target driver compensation. 100% of tips go directly to the driver. Customers are typically encouraged to tip on particularly large or unwieldy orders.

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