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You're the builder.
We're the runners.


Order materials and schedule a pickup or drop-off through the Ruck app. Ruck delivers from any local supplier or vendor.


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What can I Ruck?

RUCK can deliver cargo load where:

  • individual items weights do not exceed 75 lbs.

  • total load weight is under 12,000 lbs.

  • longest length of cargo does not exceed 20 ft.

Acceptable cargo includes, but is absolutely not limited to  lumber, LVL, sheetrock, plumbing supplies, paint, flooring, roofing, masonry, and custom fixtures.

Our teams are accustomed to moving entire bunks of OSB and drywall or large quantities of supplies, but please be aware that extra handling costs will be added if the driver is required to load or unload the cargo. 

What are the costs?

RUCK does its best to keep costs reasonable while compensating drivers fairly.


For most orders that fit in the back of a pickup truck, total charges are usually between $50-$95

For most orders that fit onto a 10-20 ft. trailer , total charges are usually between $120-$250.

Having someone from your team to unload the cargo will always save you handling costs for larger orders.

Tipping is encouraged for large or unwieldy orders, but never required.

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Anytime Ordering, Same-Day Deliveries.

You can place an order to be picked up at any time. Our drivers are usually dispatched immediately and arrive at your suppliers within the hour. 

While RUCK aims for 2-hour deliveries, factors such as supplier loading speed, cargo, traffic delays, and delivery distance will affect the delivery period.


You will always receive an approximated delivery time upon confirmation and SMS updates if delivery times change. 

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