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Drive with Ruck: Where Flexibility Meets Earning Potential

Updated: Jun 19

In the bustling world of hotshot delivery and gig services, finding a role that offers decent earnings and genuine flexibility can be challenging. Enter Ruck – a pioneer in the construction material delivery service, valuing hard work with competitive compensation and flexible scheduling. Discover why driving for Ruck might be your next lucrative side hustle.

Competitive Pay Structure: At Ruck, drivers enjoy a robust pay structure designed to reward their efforts robustly. Here's what you can expect depending on your vehicle type:

  • Tuck or Cargo Van Drivers: Start with a $30 base pay plus $1.35 per mile.

  • Truck and Trailer Drivers: Earn a substantial $70 base pay plus $1.35 per mile.

  • Sedan and Minivan Drivers: Make $17.50 base pay plus $1.35 per mile.

In addition, drivers can earn $35 for each loading and unloading task, making each hot shot courier service delivery more profitable.

Actual Earnings From Real Drivers: Our drivers are the backbone of our operations, not just numbers. On average, a driver working about 6 hours and completing two orders per day can earn around $130 daily, summing up to approximately $3,600 monthly. Top performers like JCB have earned over $10,000 annually by efficiently handling 2-3 weekly orders.

True Flexibility in Scheduling: Ruck offers true flexibility, unlike many other gigs in the delivery service sector that require set shifts. Our drivers choose when they work, without any imposed shifts. This freedom allows drivers to effectively balance their work and personal lives, which is crucial for job satisfaction and long-term commitment.

Simple Requirements, No Hidden Fees: To drive for Ruck, you need only a reliable vehicle suitable for transporting materials for construction, a valid driver's license, and appropriate insurance. Ruck drivers maintain their independence with no hidden costs or unexpected fees – what you earn is yours to keep.

Immediate Payment Terms: Ruck stands out in the construction delivery services by offering same-day payments, a significant advantage in an industry where net payment terms can delay earnings. This immediate compensation model is particularly beneficial for drivers managing their cash flow effectively.

Can I Drive for Ruck? Ruck looks for specific load and tow capacities for its fleet of contractor drivers. To safely operate as a Ruck driver, the driver and vehicle must meet these conditions:

  • Valid Driver's License, vehicle registration, and insurance are required and verified.

  • Drivers cannot have an excessive criminal history or driving accident history. Ruck reserves the right to refuse contracts for any legally prudent reason.

  • Drivers must be able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. Items exceeding this weight should be declined if safety is a concern.

  • Drivers must be willing and able to unload cargo, including oversized items like lumber or drywall. Declines are allowed before claiming an order.

  • Vehicles must accommodate eight ft. materials with minimal overhang and handle at least 1500 lbs.

How Much Will I Make? The target compensation approximates about $30 per hour. Here are the factors that contribute to a driver's pay:

  • Base Rate: Varies by the requirement of truck and trailer.

  • Mileages: Calculated from the pickup to the drop-off location to cover travel expenses.

  • Loading/Unloading: Compensation varies based on the nature of the task, with most vendors loading the vehicles.

  • Tips: While not required, tips are encouraged on large or complex orders and go directly to the drivers.

Driving for Ruck isn't just about making deliveries; it's about building a rewarding career on your terms, supported by a company that values your time and effort. With competitive pay, genuine flexibility, and a straightforward approach, Ruck is redefining what it means to work in the gig economy. On the road to success – drive with Ruck, where every mile and delivery material count.

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Legal Disclaimer: The payment rates and structures mentioned in this blog post are illustrative and may vary based on average driver earnings. Actual pay rates can differ based on various factors, including, but not limited to, geographical location, market demand, and individual performance. The figures provided do not constitute a guarantee of income. Ruck reserves the right to adjust payment terms and structures without prior notice. Drivers are encouraged to confirm current rates and policies directly with Ruck.

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