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  • Is Ruck operational in my city?
    Ruck is currently operational in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico & Texas. Utah: Salt Lake, Davis, Wasatch, Washington, Summit, and Utah counties. Arizona: Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Globe, and Gilbert.
  • Cost Breakdown
    RUCK's system automatically assigns a driver and vehicle to your order based on the order item dimensions, weight, and quantity. RUCK offers two tiers of service: 1) Truck: When all the items can be carried by a standard consumer pickup truck like an F150 or F350. 2) Trailer: When any of the order items exceed 12 ft. RUCK automatically assigns someone with a trailer for logistical safety. Items cannot exceed 22 ft. All orders are subject to the follow costs: 1) Base Cost: For Truck orders, the base cost is $50. For Trailer orders, the base cost is $100. 2) Mileage Charge: $1.50/mile. Mileage is calculated as the distance between where the order is picked up, and where it is dropped off. 3) Handling Fees: Handling costs are usually $0 for small orders, but IF our driver must manually load OR unload the cargo - either at the store or the drop site - handling charges may be applied to your order, ranging from $15 to $150. Handling costs are determined by the quantity and weight of your order items. 4) Tips: Tips are optional, but highly recommended for orders that are large, complicated, or heavy. Please call for any further questions about cost, we'll be happy to answer them.
  • How quickly does my order get to me?
    RUCK typically requires a 3-hour window for delivery and then tries to deliver the order as soon as 2 hours. However, vendors may delay the order's departure from the store due to loading and wait times. RUCK is not responsible for vendor delays. The quantity and dimensions of the cargo items may also impact loading and unloading time.
  • Are there any limitations on what items I can order?
    Restrictions: 1. Any item that exceeds 16ft in length or width may be delayed or be subject to quantity limitations due to vehicular capacity 2. Custom items, including paint, will be subject to limitations and may require special handling costs. 3. No items weighing over 65 lb per unit. 4. No hazardous materials such as explosives, poisons, etc.
  • Where does Ruck unload the materials?
    To protect our drivers' health and safety, Ruck limits where your order can be unloaded. Ruck drivers will unload items only onto street-level, external locations accessible by the vehicle. Items cannot be deposited any more than 20 feet from the vehicle. Our drivers are the most important piece to getting your materials to you. Let's be considerate of their physical exhaustion. If you must require special handling beyond the scope of our standard procedures, we can arrange it, but please be willing to tip extra or pay a handling fee.
  • How are returns and refunds handled?
    We do not offer refunds after payment is received. You do not pay until the items are inspected after delivery. We will be offering courier services for returns in the near future.
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